Emoc Oriental Rug, Inc. is a pioneer in producing genuine hand-spun and natural dyed Persian rugs. Our one-of-a-kind and exclusive productions include rugs from areas such as Sultanabad, Fereghan, Bijar, Heriz, Qashqai, Gabbeh etc. We consider our productions as a revival of antique Persian rugs. To keep the originality, we use the same ancient techniques that were used to make rugs centuries ago. Each type of our rugs is made in its original area. In other words, our Bijar rugs are made in Bijar area etc. Our looms are set in small homes in the villages that are known to make the best quality rugs. We hire only experienced weavers who are talented in their art. We give the weavers freedom to create what they have inherited from their ancestors. This is one of the facts that makes our productions different than any other new rugs made today.  In our finishing process, we do not use any kind of chemical wash to age the rug. We believe if a rug is made with real materials and good natural dyes they will look good with a simple wash with soap and time will take care of the aging process. Our new rugs are the real Mc-Coy and their beauty and value will increase by the time and usage.


In addition, we specialize in wholesaling of antique and semi-antique decorative rugs and carpets. Our exquisite collection of antique rugs includes Serapi, antique Heriz, Haj Jalili Tabriz, Sarouk Fereghan, Sultanabad, Ushak, Agra etc. Because of our long time business relationship with American and European dealers, we get first-hand access to really high end antique rugs for a reasonable price. Our deep knowledge and experience in dealing with antique rugs is a profound investment we are proud of which is manifesting in our new productions as well.    



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